What are Meta Tags and What happened to it?

HTML meta key phrases are the lists of key phrases that you’re utilizing on your webpage or web site. Meta key phrases functioned as a way for engines like google to rank net pages as you set necessary key phrases related to the webpage. The issue with HTML meta key phrases started when individuals realized that there was no restriction and began to stuff their pages with as many key phrases that they will consider. Fairly quickly newer engines like google realized meta key phrases grew to become a black hat method for rating net pages and discontinued it to rank pages.

Meta Tags



So do you want HTML Meta Keywords?

HTML meta key phrases are lifeless for rating by way of search engine marketingthey will nonetheless give perception into key phrases a webpage has. However cautious, stuffing internet pages with meta key phrases makes it a black hat approach and in consequence, the web site will get penalized by SERPs, listed below are some methods you possibly can nonetheless use HTML meta keywords

  • Do not use greater than 10-15 key phrases
  • Do not repeat any key phrases
  • Maintain it particular and related
  • Key phrases that a very powerful to your web site comes first

What Are Miscellaneous Meta Tags?

Miscellaneous meta tags are tags that give particular data to net spiders in order that they’ll scale the webpage quicker and higher. A few of these tags are positioned inside the head part of a code.

How Many Kinds of Miscellaneous Meta Tags are There?

There are numerous forms of miscellaneous meta tags however the next are crucial forms of miscellaneous meta tags.

Mаnу meta tаgѕ hаvе соmе аnd hаvе disappeared within the earlier years. Thiѕ iѕ why wе аlѕо hаvе a liѕt with meta tags аnd HTML tаgѕ thаt аrе оf lesser imроrtаnсе.

Meta Tags Liѕt :


<meta name=”identifier-URL”CONTENT=”http://www.your-domain-name.com/”>

<meta name=”distribution” CONTENT=”Global”>

<meta name=”note” CONTENT=”place extra keywords here”>

<meta name=”subject” CONTENT=”your website’s subject”>

<meta name=”copyright”CONTENT=”company name”>

<meta name=”language” CONTENT=”EN”>

<meta name=”version” CONTENT=”MT5.1″

<meta name=”generator” CONTENT=”program”

<meta name=”id” CONTENT=”sitebuilder-software”

<meta name=”rating” CONTENT=”general”

<meta name=”presdate” CONTENT=”date”

<meta name=”operator” CONTENT=”Operator Name”

<meta name=”creation_date” CONTENT=”date”

<meta name=”host” CONTENT=”secretcorner24.blogspot.com”

<meta name=”host-admin” CONTENT=”Admin Name”

<meta name=”contactName”CONTENT=”Your Name”>

<meta name=”contactOrganization” CONTENT=”Your Company Name”>

<meta name=”contactStreetAddress1″CONTENT=”Your Street Address″>

<meta name=”contactZipcode”CONTENT=”Your Zip Code″>

<meta name=”contactCity”CONTENT=”Your City”>

<meta name=”contactCountry”CONTENT=”Your Country Name”>

<meta name=”contactPhoneNumber” CONTENT=”Your Phone Number″>

<meta name=”contactFaxNumber”CONTENT=”Your Fax Number″>

<meta name=”contactNetworkAddress”CONTENT=”secretcorner24@gmail.com”>

<meta name=”linkage” CONTENT=”secretcorner24.blogspot.com”>


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